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The heart of the Renaissance.

Statues of Vespucci, Dante, Boccaccio, Da Vinci, Donatello, Gallileo, Macchiavelli, Medici, Michelangelo and Lorenzo the Magnificent. Pictures of the Duomo, the doors, the home of the Medici, the streets, pontevecchio. The video was created using Animoto.

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About YouMotorcycle

What we are YouMotorcycle is a motorcycle lifestyle blog. We strive to maintain a website that will be appreciated by those who see motorcycling as a lifestyle and not simply ...

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Motorcycle Helmet Review Ruroc Atlas 2

Motorcycle Helmet Review: Ruroc Atlas 2.0

The Atlas 2.0 is Ruroc's second take on making a premium motorcycle helmet. Check out this review to see whether or not the sequel beats the original, and why this helmet really stands out.

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Best motorcycle trailer ever

The Best Motorcycle Trailer Ever

This motorcycle trailer drops down to the ground so you can ride or push your motorcycle on easily without any ramps or slopes.

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Bikerisma Clothing for Motorcyclists

Bikerisma Clothing for Motorcyclists

Bikerisma has an ever-expanding selection of motorcycle clothing and apparel for men and women and the quality is spot-on, but what's the fit like?

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Mitch’s Harley-Davidson SuperGlide LED Headlight Upgrade

Mitch wanted a brighter, safer headlight. Check out this Harley-Davidson SuperGlide LED Headlight Upgrade story. It cost less than $50!

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