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Please Don’t Ask Me to Share Your Useless Infographic

Thinking of submitting an infographic to YouMotorcycle? Read this first.

Twice this week I was asked to share a pretty useless infographic. An infographic that added absolutely no value to the lives of nine out of ten motorcyclists.

The subject of the infographic?

What particular motorcyclist at what particular race track was wearing a particular manufacturer’s gear when they won a particular Moto GP event.

Summary: Zzzzzz.

Give me a break! How do my readers possibly benefit from this? In fact, I think saying that nine out of ten motorcyclists wouldn’t care is to err on the side of caution. I’m pretty sure ten out of ten motorcyclists wouldn’t care.

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Like this guy:

Hi Adrian,

I appreciate your feedback. We have more infographics planned, including
ones on the production of helmets and gloves. Would these be of interest?

Kind regards,

Chris *******

Let me tell you about the Yonge and Dundas yeller, in Toronto, Canada.

He stands on the street corner yelling out “BELIEVE IN THE LORD!” at people and handing out (what he believes to be) some very informative pamphlets. He believes that the information in these pamphlets will save your soul, Chris.

Nine out of ten people don’t care about the information he’s providing. Odds are, Chris, you would probably walk right by him.

He’s the original infographic, and his information is only as valuable as people’s perceived benefit from it.

Will nine out of ten motorcyclists benefit from knowing who was wearing your brand, on a particular race track, on a given year, at a given race?

How would nine out of ten motorcyclists possibly benefit from that?

At least the guy yelling about Jesus on the street corner is promising them eternal life, Chris.

Now you’re asking me if infographics on the production of helmets and gloves would be of interest.

Based on the above. You tell me.

Will nine out of ten motorcyclists care to read your infographics?

If yes –> yes.

If no –> no.

Makes sense, right?

Here’s one for Kurt who left a comment asking for an infographic about the umbrella girls. They’re all yours buddy.

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  1. Any data about what the Paddock and Umbrella girls were wearing, on said race-day? THAT would be of interest.

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