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Post of Good Stuff

This week was dedicated to catching my breath, making the most of free time, spring cleaning the house, getting physically active, and prepping and servicing my motorcycles. At the end of the days I’ve sat back, put my feet up, and scrolled through YouMotorcycle’s twitter feed (we’re now at 2,600+ followers), and try to find best-in-the-world motorcycle content to share with you.

Here are three articles that I enjoyed, and I think you will too:

1) Don’t Date a Girl Who Rides Motorcycles…

This should be titled never, ever, ever, date a girl who rides a motorcycle. Ever. Not even a little bit. Cristi at the Moterrific Podcast gives us the dirt on women motorcyclists, along with ten reasons why we all need to avoid dating them. The secret is out.

Chain Lube

2) Kiva

We wrote about Kiva on Christmas Day, 2014, in an article titled “It’s About Giving“.

I previously wrote about Kiva, a web site for lending money to entrepreneurs in third world countries. These entrepreneurs need help to boost their business. The loan amounts are small (starting at $25) and are typically repaid in 12 months.

You can find thousands of different businesses to help support. You can find something that strikes close to home. I chose to support a young man from the Philippines in need of motorcycle parts to continue running his business and commuting to and from work.


YouMotorcycle made a small donation to Alexander in the Philippines, and he has so far repaid 25% of the loan. Kiva is an excellent tool for helping others, and once repaid, the favor was done at no expense to you. Every little bit helps, so please have a look at who you can help finance on Kiva.

3) How to Make the Next Great Motorcycle Blog

Wes Siler speaks honest-to-goodness truths about motorcycle media and motorcycle publishing. He covers why motorcycle journalism is critical, why it is currently failing, how to get started, how to be successful, and how to make money.

If you can’t trust Wes, trust us, we’ve been singing the same tune for a while now. The current state of motorcycle journalism is hurting. A lot of second rate stuff is being passed off as gospel, and on the whole we could all be doing a lot better. It is possible to make a decent monthly paycheck from online motorcycle publishing. You have to start with putting in the work, and Wes’ post will help you with that.

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