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Riding the Irish Wild Atlantic Route by Motorcycle

Riding the Irish Wild Atlantic Route by Motorcycle

In this current reality, nothing beckons more than the open road. While it is important to stay safe, the roads are emptier than ever with the current lockdowns related to COVID-19. One of the best roads to take your bike onto is the Irish Wild Atlantic Route. It is not only one of the most beautiful road to take a motorcycle trip, it provides a sense of calm that is unparalleled. Below are some of the specs of the road, how long it will take, and what you should do to prepare.

Wild Atlantic Route

The Wild Atlantic Route is one of the most popular for motorcycle riders in Ireland. It feels like the road is designed for those who want to experience the lesser-known but exceedingly beautiful landscapes of the Irish countryside. You can take ride the route in just about a week of fantastic riding. The low season is coming up this September, which is one of the best times to take the road. While you ride along dramatic, narrow, and twisting roads that go through the hills in the countryside, you can see Burren National Park, which is spectacularly beautiful. Along the way you can visit Killarney Town and Dingle. After riding five or six hours, you can stop in one of these picturesque towns for a rest.

Safety of the Roads

While the roads are typically for intermediate riders, the lockdown has led to more dangerous roads. Not only are there more accidents, the rate of deaths in those collisions has gone up. This is for a lot of reasons, including that drivers are going too fast and driving under the influence. Just because the roads are emptier does not mean that they safer. While the riding is great right now, it is important to be careful.


The weather is pretty nice this time of year. The rainfall is low, the temperature is warm. It is important to take the right clothes and the right equipment. If it does rain, it is key to ride carefully. Don’t ride too fast when it is wet. According to the firm McGinley, which is known for working on personal injury claims, the best time to visit the route is between March and October, but many people ride all year round. When you are prepared, the route is quite enjoyable.

Things to Do

While perhaps the most enticing thing to do on the Wild Atlantic Route is to simply enjoy the beautiful nature scenery, there are plenty of other things to enjoy. Since there is the COVID-19 pandemic some of your options may be limited, however. It is best to check before you leave on what in the area is open. For example you can visit the Burren Smokehouse for a cup of tea and some food. You can listen to live traditional music at May Molloy’s Pub in Westport. Strolling across the Tidiest Town is quaint and charming. Take a visit to Kate Kearney’s Cottage and soak up all the local history. Finally, take a visit to the golden beaches of Enniscrone. You won’t be disappointed.

Bring the Right Gear

Whenever you are taking a multi-day trip on a motorcycle, it is important to bring the right gear. For example, leather jackets won’t do. Protective textile garments are preferred, ideally with ventilation. Wearing that thick leather jacket in the sun will have you complaining all day. Breathable shell suits are also a good option. You can rent suitable gear should you want to avoid buying it.  Still if you are passionate about riding, it is always best to have your own stuff. That way you will get used to it, and comfortable using it in many different conditions. Helmets are a must, they are obligatory.

Despite the obstacles from the global pandemic, it is a great time to see your country’s open roads. Taking a motorcycle trip on the Wild Atlantic Route will provide a sense of calm and peace that you are looking for in these uncertain times. Still it is imperative to be cautious. Check the weather, bring the right gear, and ride carefully. Be wary of other drivers. Though the roads are empty that it is no reason to speed or ride under the influence.

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