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Safe Parking For Your Motorcycle

Parking in the UK can be a nightmare for vehicles. Many motorists find that they are unable to find safe parking for their motorcycles. While there is no guarantee that the bike will always be safe, several things can be looked at. The most critical one would be to use www.yourparkingspace.co.uk and pre-book a safe and secure parking slot anywhere in the UK. Most bikers going on cross country trips with other like-minded people find that it is best to ensure that you have a safe spot for your motorcycle when you’re travelling from one city to another.

Like car parking, many residents in the UK also face issues with motorcycle parking. Motorcycles are pretty standard in the UK since they are easy to control and handle and do not take too much space. Many adults living in apartment complexes that have limited parking spaces available prefer using motorcycles to travel. Motorcycles are excellent, come in a variety of specifications, and are known to thrill riders. However, it would help if you were extra cautious when riding a bike since the slightest touch of another vehicle can cause severe accidents and damage.

Let us look at different ways you can secure your motorcycle.

Global Positioning System (GPS):

Most riders prefer using GPS to track their motorcycles. With the increasing thefts of motorcycles, installing a GPS in a small, concealable place is a fabulous way to ensure you can also find your bike. Unfortunately, while you can secure the bike as much as possible, there is no foolproof way to protect your motorcycle in parking spaces and garages. The small GPS dot will help you and the police track your stolen motorbike before anything untoward happens to it.

GPS systems can be connected to your smartphone device and can be used as a backup to track critical travel routes. Many GPS systems offer cloud functionality to record travel paths, stops, and more. Riders with these functionalities prefer using GPS tools to analyse their riding skills and lengths.

Chain and Padlock:

Most bikers across the UK secure their motorbikes with a chain and padlock. The majority of thieves avoid carrying bolt-cutters that can cut through the chain to avoid attracting attention. Since thieves do not like to call attention to themselves, they prefer dodging motorbikes that are secured tightly with chains and padlocks.

The downside to using chains and padlocks is that you would always need to spend additional time removing everything when you are ready to leave. However, if you consider the cost of keeping the motorcycle safe, then the extra time spent on the chains and padlock are worth it in the long term.

Disk Brake Lock:

Disk brake locks connect to the brake on the motorcycle. Securing the wheel from turning will help deter thieves from trying to ride the bike away. Disk brake locks are easy to attach and remove and save you a lot of time. Since they are small but mighty, many bikers prefer using disk brake locks to prevent the theft of the bike when it is parked. These locks are also easy to store when they are not being used on the bike.

Are Motorcycles Safe In Parking Lots?

Just because you can secure your bike in a parking lot doesn’t mean it is safe from vandalisation or being knocked over. People often sit on the bikes to take photos and end up knocking them over, breaking the side mirrors, and causing damage. There is also the chance that the bike could get vandalised and suddenly look like it belongs to a gang member.

It would be best if you remembered that no matter where you park your bike, there is a chance it will not be wholly safe. The only place it could be safe would be inside a locked garage. However, people have reported that bikes have gotten stolen from their homes too.

Unfortunately, motorbikes are easy targets. Even if they are not stolen, their parts can be stripped out within a few minutes.

How To Tell If The Motorbike Has Been Tampered?

The first thing you should do is check to see if it looks the same as when you parked it. Afterwards, you should check the positioning of the bike. Many times the handle will be moved if someone sat on it to click photos.

If the mirrors are angled differently, or a switch turned on or off, you would know someone has been near the bike. If you find any other evidence, you should thoroughly check it before riding off.

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