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Safety Tips For New Motorcycle Riders

Safety Tips For New Motorcycle Riders

There is no denying that motorcycles are exciting, and gas-efficient compared to cars. However, it is also a fact that riding one is more dangerous than driving a car. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a motorcycle accident is 40 times more likely to be fatal compared to a car accident. There are a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts who are able to stay away from accidents and enjoy riding their bikes without any problems. This has become possible because they know how to follow basic motorcycle safety tips.

To guarantee you are on the safe side of riding, here are a few ways to keep your motorcycle time accident free:

Take A Motorcycle Safety Course

In most countries, if you are applying for a motorcycle license, you need to take a motorcycle safety course. Even if your country does not require it, you should take one. The class will train you about existing motorcycle traffic safety laws in your country, and give you the opportunity to test your riding skills inside a controlled environment. The class will also teach you ways on how to take care of your motorcycle and tips to avoid dangerous situations.

Today, road accidents still take thousands of lives each year. The US has implemented multiple programs to increase its citizen’s understanding of basic traffic safety guidelines such as the Urban Initiative Road Triangle outreach campaign. The program informs people about their roles as pedestrians, drivers and traffic police in case of road accidents.

Never Buy A Bike You Can’t Handle

If you have not been on a bike for a while, you will be shocked by the performance of today’s state-of-the-art motorcycles. Even models with small engines are surprisingly more powerful and faster compared to when they were a few years ago. If you plan to buy a new bike, read motorcycle reviews and pick the one that best suits you and your budget.

When seated, you should easily be able to reach both your feet flat on the ground and not be on tiptoes. The controls and handlebars should be easily reached. Choose a bike that you can easily get on and off because if it feels too heavy, it probably is. A small bike with about 250cc is a great bike for beginners. If you take routes mainly on highways, you might want to start with a 500cc bike so you can easily keep up with the traffic.

Gear Up

Contrary to what most people think, looking badass is not the top priority when riding a bike. No matter how hot the weather is, wearing shorts and sandals are not the proper bike attire. Even those thick jeans give minimal protection against injuries and road rash if you accidentally slide. 

It is extremely important to use proper protection by wearing reinforced jackets, boots and pants. Glasses are a must if you are wearing an open helmet and wearing gloves is important to safeguard your hands. For warm weather, there are specially designed safety gears that have a cooling and ventilation system. Lastly, never go on your bike without an approved and authenticated helmet. It does not matter if you look crazy because this will keep you from harm’s way.

Avoid Distractions

Everyone knows that getting distracted while driving is a bad idea but this gets worse when you are riding on a motorcycle. One of the most important tips for being safe when riding a motorcycle is staying super aware of everything that is around you. Always remember that bikes are tough to see especially for drivers in large cars and SUVs. You need to avoid them rather than betting on them seeing you. If you are using your phone while driving, then your reaction time is cut by a few valuable seconds, putting you at a higher risk in getting an accident. Running into a car while going at a hundred kilometers per hour is nobody’s idea of having a good time.

With all these tips for you to safely enjoy riding your bike it all goes down to wearing the right gear and knowing your abilities. You can never control everything around you but you have the power to control how you can react to it.

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