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Safety Tips For Preventing Motorcycle Accidents

Safety Tips For Preventing Motorcycle Accidents

Owning a motorcycle can be convenient, but on the other side of the coin, driving it hastily can increase your chances of getting involved in accidents. According to Chris Patience, a motorcycle accident lawyer at SGP Law, “vehicles with two wheels are less stable than vehicles with four, so when accidents occur, injuries can be substantial.” This should be reason enough for you to pay attention to your safety while riding a motorcycle.

Making your motorcycle look good and powerful shouldn’t be your priority. Preventing motorcycle accidents should come first. Here are some safety tips to help you achieve the latter:

1. Always Wear Appropriate Gear.

One of the easiest ways to be safe while riding your motorcycle is to never use it without any safety gears. With the number of options to choose from, you can easily buy safety gear no matter where your location or what your budget is. Safety motorcycle gears should be considered as a necessity by bikers, not a luxury.

Here are some of the most basic safety gears you should invest in:

  • Helmet: Aside from being a necessity, some states require all of their locals to wear helmets when driving their motorcycles. Depending on your preference, you can choose to buy a full helmet, ¾ helmet, or ½ helmet.
  • Jacket: Regardless of the climate in your country, a motorcycle jacket is a must-have. This will protect your upper body from harsh weather conditions and debris. Jackets can also make you become more visible on the road, especially if ‘you’re fond of driving during the night.
  • Pants: Contrary to popular belief, simply wearing leather or denim jeans isn’t enough for you to be safe as a motorcycle rider. You need to buy motorcycle riding pants to protect your body parts that usually receive contact. Motorcycle riding pants also provide ventilation, allowing you to be comfortable while being on the road.
  • Gloves: Gloves are probably the most underrated safety motorcycle gears. Gloves provide protection to your hands whenever you fall and regulate the moisture from your hands so you can grip the motorcycle handles.

2. Only Ride At An Appropriate Speed.

No one has the time to smell the flowers; everyone is in a rush every day. This might be the status quo, but this shouldn’t be your reason to zoom through the road. Speeding on a motorcycle might be exciting, but it can also increase your chances of being involved in accidents.

Steer away from this direction by obeying every traffic law, keeping control of your pace, and riding cautiously on icy, wet, or slippery pavements. Whenever you’re approaching corners or turns in the road, you should follow the “slow in, fast out” rule. Turning too fast in these parts of the road can cause you to crash into any obstacle.

3. Stay Vigilant At All Times.

Most motorcycle accidents happen because of driver error. This is one of the reasons why you should be extra vigilant and alert whenever you’re riding your motorcycle. Even if ‘you’re wearing reflective pants, jacket, and helmet, don’t expect that the drivers around you can see you.

Be wary of any gaps in the traffic and if any cars are maneuvering without noticing you. Follow all of the road signs and halt whenever you drive through intersections.

4. Maintain Tires And Other Parts.

Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t only visit a mechanic the moment you feel that certain parts of your motorcycle aren’t working anymore. You should regularly check the condition of your motorcycle and repair whatever needs to be repaired. You should have a routine and schedule as to when you’re going to check your brakes, exhaust system, tires, and lights.

You should exert more time and effort in your tire maintenance, especially if you’re fond of riding through different weather and road conditions.

5. Never Drive When You’re Drunk Or Tired.

Because motorcycles are more convenient and cheaper than owning a vehicle, bikers would take their motorcycles wherever they are. This is especially true for adults and teenagers who are fond of going out with their friends. There’s nothing really wrong if you’re doing the same but for you to remain safe, never drive when you’re drunk or tired.

No matter how small the alcohol is in your body, don’t take risks. Have a friend take you home or grab a taxi.

Safety First

Being safe while riding your motorcycle is actually easy once you know how to. Use this article as your guide and be consistent with your efforts so you can become a safe biker on the road!

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