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Gemma and Jax Teller Sons of Anarchy Season 7

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Important Questions

JuiceFive Important Questions That Season 7 Will Solve

1) Will Juice Survive? Personally, I crossed off Juice’s name under “Club Assets” and wrote it in under “Club Liabilities” a long time ago. Juice has lied, withheld information, framed, and even killed a club prospect. Will Juice survive? I hope not! Either way, the saga around Juice will come to a close one way or another before the season’s end.

2) Will Jax Lose It? Jax has had his children kidnapped, his friends murdered in front of him, he has killed his own step father, and he’s had his wife murdered by his own mother. Throw in a RICO case, DEA, ATF, and FBI agents always breathing down his neck, an imploding MC, and rival gangs ever watchful of the Sons, and my crystal ball sees a little psychological melt-down or fits of bezerker rage in Jax’s future.

Jax Teller

3) Can Bobby Elvis Cure the Club? Bobby seems a little more optimistic since coming back to the Redwood Original chapter after going Nomad. He and Chibbs are the all-round “good guys” of the brothers. Can they help SAMCRO get through the tides of the storm Jax is going to stir up?

Bobby Munson

4) Will Gemma Teller Survive? Forget Juice. After killing Jax’s wife, Gemma’s survival (or fall from grace) could be the real “oh my God” moment of the season. Gemma captures everything I love in a woman, and a lot of the things that scare me. Gemma isn’t the strongest, fastest, youngest or most dangerous animal out there. Neither are scorpions, but scorpions are actually 200 million years older than dinosaurs. Guess who survived the ice age and who didn’t? The strong live off of the weak, and the clever live off of the strong. When push comes to shove, and her back is up against the wall, Gemma is the creature who will do anything to survive, and she is remarkable.

Gemma Teller

5) Can the Club Go Legit? John Teller dreamed of getting the Sons of Anarchy out of gun running. Will the club finally go legit and get their happily ever after? Surely not without huge sacrifices…

Stay tuned for scenes from the next episode…

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