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How to Help Your Kids Stay Safe on Their Motorcycle – 5 Things To Do

Mother and Daughter Buying a Motorcycle

The words ‘I want to get a motorcycle’ probably strike fear in the hearts of parents everywhere, so many parents do not know what to do when their own child mutters those scary words. Yet motorcycles are not always as scary as they seem, and it is possible to grant your child’s wish to ride a motorcycle and still be a good parent. In fact, if you guide your child correctly, you can help them have plenty of fun on their bike whilst staying safe and being practical.

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Hey Newb. (it’s time to get a motorcycle)

new motorcycle rider

We all know that the Mayans foreshadow our impending doom on December 21th. That is a truth we can’t escape, so buying Christmas presents is for fool and you’d be absolutely mad to even spend a moment thinking how you’d like to ring in 2013. But say for a moment they are wrong. It sounds crazy but just for a moment try to imagine waking up on December 22nd with the sense of endless possibilities and an entire world ripe for the pickin’.

If you were granted a few more decades to roam this little planet of ours, how would you spend it? Okay, those of you with a scooter or motorcycle ownership cramped somewhere in your wallet this post is not meant for you, because then obviously you get it. If you do have your ‘less than four-wheel’ license, and you aren’t a resident of a third-world country, then you understand the need to sacrifice things like traveling in comfort and increased safety just for the thrill of the open road.

So for those of you who were likely forwarded a link to this article by your friend who has a motorcycle or your daughter/son who is trying to justify getting their license this article is for, it’s for you, newb.

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Got an itch? (Resources for Motorcyclists)

girl with motorcycle biker iii by erlingaxiii-d56znmy

Like a crack fiend leaving the confines of their apartment to score the next hit, we two-wheeled enthusiasts too have our itch – and various methods of scratching it.

To feel the true sensation of freedom get your license and take a scoot or a motorcycle out on the road, be it a zip through an urban center or a hair-raising ride down some nice twisty roads. But remove the ability to experience that sensation, via snow covered or icy roads, and you’ll be going partly insane just waiting for the temperature to rise so that you can relive the very reason why you ride.

Riding anything with less than 4 wheels (some would argue 3 wheels is 1 too many) really is addicting, and the freedoms that come with living in North America means that we have some very fun big boy toys at our fingertips. The downside? These damn changing seasons that force the majority of enthusiast in Canada to wheel their ride into the garden shed for the coldest months. How you solve this problem is completely up to you, but I’ve compiled some suggestions that are tried and true.

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