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Toronto Police Ticket Good Samaritan for Riding 5 KM Over the Limit

Hogwash from TPD

Ashley was riding home on a quiet, empty street at 10 PM. Lights flashed. Whoop whoop. Whoop whoop. Time to pull over and get ready to take it, scumbag! Before I go any further there's something you should know about Ashley: She's an angel. She works hard hours helping kids that most people would cross the street to avoid even walking by. Obviously this young lady is a menace to society. Luckily Toronto's finest were on the scene.

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De Biker Boyz Blocko

The Biker Boyz Blocko 8

2011 marked the 8th annual install of De Biker Boyz Blocko. Featuring “thousands” (well, maybe a thousand) of motorcycles, mostly sportbikes, set to the tune of soca, reggae, and dancehall. The Blocko is an annual gathering that coincides with the weekend before Caribana, a celebration of Caribbean culture and North America’s largest street festival right here in Toronto.

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The E-Bike Dilemma

Get What You Pay For

E-Bikes have seen a huge boom in popularity in urban areas. Economical, practical, and environmentally friendly the E-Bike could very well be the way of the future. Unfortunately, local by-laws and provincial legislation have been creating confusion and limitations. What we're left with in the aftermath of all the politics are dangerous road conditions and a fleet of junky rides. The way of the future has not arrived here yet, and not all E-Bikes are created equal.

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Motorcycle Photography Exhibit by Bryan Helm

Motorcycle Culture & Celebrity Builders

Let's be honest with ourselves and just admit that when it comes to art most of us are clueless. I can admit to that. I walked into Studio Cycle Group and a stack of flyers for a motorcycle photography exhibit called Motorcycle Culture & Celebrity Builders caught my eye. The black and white images on the flyer lived up to the title. Indian Larry and the Americana bike culture were well represented.

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Motorcycle Ride to the Village of Kleinburg

The spontaneous and unplanned rides are sometimes the most fun. It started with a text message from my girlfriend: “What are we going to do today?” Before long we found ourselves near the historic village of Kleinburg, Ontario. Kleinburg is surrounded by beautiful hills and branches of the Humber river.

The town is picturesque and its early 1800s origins have been left unspoiled.

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Port Dover Friday the 13th

Port Dover Friday the 13th

How do you turn 6,000 into 60,000? Ask residents of Port Dover, Ontario, a small community on the north shore of Lake Erie. Every Friday the 13th Port Dover is filled with over 50,000 motorcyclists. This year marked the 30th anniversary of the event which first began in 1981 to tune of a group of a little over 20 friends having fun while the Rolling Stones sang "Start Me Up" over the radio.

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