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MOTORESS - Vicki Gray

Targeting Women Motorcyclists – Resources for Female Riders

MOTORESSVicki Gray was dropping off her KYMCO Bet & Win at Studio Cycle Group in Toronto when I offered her a ride to the subway station. Vicki, perhaps better known as MOTORESS, has been actively involved in motorcycles since the mid-1980s. Here was a woman who could have easily out-rode me on my own bike, content with taking a quick ride around the block as a passenger on my Harley-Davidson. When we arrived at the station we spoke briefly about our experiences as a passenger. “I’m not afraid of anything”, she said. I believe her.

Vicki has had an impressive racing career, co-hosted a Discovery Channel television show, started her own riding schools in the Netherlands Antilles, and in 1994 founded RaceGirl Motosport in The Netherlands. RaceGirl was innovative in its depiction of female motorcyclists as well as in its support and encouragement for the female riding community globally. With online and real world campaigns such as International Female Ride Day, MOTORESS, now based in Toronto, connects women around the world with motorcycling.

We all gain from a greater riding community in a variety of ways: less congestion, greater product and line up offering, lower prices, more attention to motorcycle related issues, safer roads for riders, more awareness of riders. Male motorcyclists should recognize the endless benefits to us all of a strong female riding community.

Thankfully, with efforts such as MOTORESS’ International Female Ride Day and W.R.O.A.R. (Women Ride Out Against Rape), female motorcycling is growing by leaps and bounds. It’s still not common enough, but we’re getting there: My girlfriend has received criticism from a much older female colleague because her choice of vehicle is a fun, affordable, and environmentally friendly motorcycle. Younger colleagues have given her a much more upbeat “You go girl!” attitude, and that’s what we like to hear.

Cat is a female motorcyclist and a familiar face in the Toronto motorcycle community.

Pic courtesy of Mondo Lulu
I welcome everyone involved in growing a female motorcycle community anywhere in the world to leave a comment below or contact us so we can share your links and create a list of resources for women motorcyclists.


Female / Women Motorcycle Resources:

MOTORESS – www.motoress.com
MOTORESS connects women with motorcycling by engaging our readers within the passion they seek in every aspect of their motorcycling lifestyle. News, gearstyle, technique, know-how, beauty, health, inspiration and more. MOTORESS is building the most feminine, friendly vibrant motorcycle community for women anywhere online.

W.R.O.A.R. – www.wroar.com
Now in its 7th year, the WROAR Ride is an annual motorcycling charity event organized by women to raise funds for the Toronto Rape Crisis Center / Multicultural Women Against Rape. “The image of a woman on her motorcycle conveys an impression of freedom, independence and strength that many women value, even those who don’t ride. Such an image provides a startling contrast to the loss of control and fear associated with sexual violence.” – Liz Metcalfe

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