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The Clandestine

The Clandestine Biker TV Series

Many of us have a relative (or few) who has opposed to riding motorcycles from the moment we first mentioned it. This relative typically tells you (repeatedly) the story of their neighbor’s sister’s dog walker who died on a motorcycle. In the eyes of this relative, if you continue to ride your motorcycle your immediate death is a foregone conclusion.

I have many such relatives, but one in particular blew my mind this Christmas when I saw him. There he stood standing with a smile from ear to ear, delighted to be holding a brand new Sons of Anarchy hoody.

Before I go on let me explain that my naive little understanding up until this point was that if you saw someone wearing a Sons of Anarchy t-shirt or hoody you could count on two things:

1) They were a douchebag.
2) They rode a motorcycle.

I was wrong.

“Now all you have to do is buy a motorcycle and you can wear it!” I shouted to deaf ears as he stood there.

It seems that there are not only wannabe 1% bikers among motorcyclists, but wannabes among the cagers as well.

Imagine if those motorcycle riding wannabes decided to form their own 1% Motorcycle Club. I’m not talking about the normal every day salt of the earth riders who could join an MC or at the very least an RC… I’m talking more about what might be labelled the Reject-Class of the Biker Society. Imagine they got together and formed a merry band of oddball men.

Well, that’s exactly what the made-for-internet TV show The Clandestine sets to show you. Picture, if you will, a bunch of middle aged men on 125cc motorcycles who decide, whether for midlife crisis or other cause, that it’s time to break bad. Hilarity ensues. Here’s the trailer:

There are only 13 episodes and they’re typically about 6 minutes each, meaning you can fly through them in just over an hour.

You can watch all episodes of The Clandestine here:

The Clandestine – Episode 1 – Power Ranger

The Clandestine – Episode 2 – I Feel Dirty

The Clandestine – Episode 3 – Thundercats

The Clandestine – Episode 4 – Witch’s Tit

The Clandestine – Episode 5 – Cheeky Finger

The Clandestine – Episode 6 – MILF

The Clandestine – Episode 7 – MILF

The Clandestine – Episode 8 – Sexy Fox

The Clandestine – Episode 9 – Chinatown

The Clandestine – Episode 10 – Banshee

The Clandestine – Episode 11 – No Anna No Money

The Clandestine – Episode 12 – Balls

The Clandestine – Episode 13 – Vroom

You might also be interested in reading why Tara was killed on Sons of Anarchy.

What did you think of the series? Please leave a comment!

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