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LoveBone Apparel

The Craziest Sale on Lovebone Apparel Ever

Lovebone Apparel is a local t-shirt design company with international reach. Their concepts stem from a cranial visualisation touching upon a sort of story in mind, that defines the image’s personality, style, and mood, etc. Everything is conceptualized in a sense, prior hitting the drawing board or applying this mental imagery into digital format.

They’re attentive to detail and picky, and each design must surpass explicit standards prior to having it silk screened. This process may take up to 50+ hours to as few as 10 hours depending on the artists’ moods, and amount of intricate details involved. Some of their designs have been put on the back burner for up to a year patiently awaiting their revisions to be part of the Lovebone brand.

And now you can get their t-shirts, perfect for motorcyclists and kustom kulture fanatics, for $5.99. The price is absolutely nuts for a top tier quality t-shirt. I’ve been wearing mine at least every other week for the past five years, since I first reviewed them here.

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