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The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Glasses

Planning to hit the road for a highway-speed ride? Don’t forget about proper eye protection. You’re probably aware that without a solid pair of motorcycle glasses or goggles, keeping your eyes open at speed is way too challenging. Needless to say that all the enthusiasm and fun of riding a bike will most likely disappear the very moment a rock or a bug dangerously flies your way. 

With top-notch motorcycle glasses, you won’t have to worry, though. Specialized motorcycle eyewear is expressly made to keep your eyes protected against the unpredictabilities of the road. Sturdy, encompassing, and created to withstand the potentially dangerous road debris, high-quality motorcycle glasses are a must for your safety.

3 Solid Reasons to Consider Motorcycle Glasses

If enjoying a safe ride is what you want, then investing in reliable motorcycle glasses is highly advisable. Here are some vital reasons why you should invest in a good pair of bike glasses:

  • Protection From Glare and UV Rays

Driving during the daytime often comes with an uncomfy glare that damages your eyes and skin. Opting for superb (preferably polarized) motorcycle glasses is the perfect solution to this problem. Bear in mind that in this case, using your average dark-colored glasses won’t help. You need polarized lenses if you want to effectively protect your eyes from that nasty glare.

  • Protection From Dust & Sand

Even the smallest dust particles can leave your vision blurred if they get in your eye. Furthermore, they can lead to redness, swelling, and severe eye injuries, let alone the fact that these foreign particles can disorient you and leave your bike out of control. For maximum protection against all kinds of road debris, opt for a good pair of motorcycle glasses.

  • Protection From Bugs

If you want to keep your eyes safe from such common nuisance as stray insects, you’re going to need to purchase a nice pair of motorcycle eyewear. Prevention is better than cure, so make sure you take care of your safety well in advance prior to hitting the road.

Factors to Consider Prior to Buying Motorcycle Glasses

Here are some aspects you should take into account before getting yourself motorcycle eyewear:

  • The Right Fit Is Paramount

First and foremost, make sure that the eyewear that has caught your attention is not too loose. Loose glasses are more likely to fall off, and you don’t want that to happen when you’re riding your iron horse. Another problem is when your motorcycle glasses are too tight, that’s just too discomforting. Therefore, opt for a pair that offers adjustable fit, giving you the possibility to customize them to your maximum comfort. As unstylish as it may seem, making use of glass straps when you’re riding your bike is always a good idea. 

  • Lenses Are Important

There’s a wide variety of lenses out there. Choosing the right type is vital, for it’s going to prevent eye strain and boost reaction time. Make sure that the lenses of the motorcycle glasses you’re planning to buy are made from a top-level material that effectively blocks the super harmful UV rays. Focus on polarized lenses and decide whether you need prescription or non-prescription lenses. 

  • Frame Design Matters

The design of the frame is vital for both the way your motorcycle glasses look and function. Opting for motorcycle eyewear that wraps around your face would be a wise choice in this case. This particular frame design ensures that your glasses stay in place even when the wind blows strong. 

  • Low-Maintenance Is Good

Opt for motorcycle glasses that are as low-maintenance as possible. Because if you don’t, you’re going to have to replace them very soon. Furthermore, make sure you store your specialized eyewear properly and engage in regular cleaning. That is, if you want your motorcycle glasses to serve you for a long time.

What to Do in Case of Impaired Vision

Sometimes it’s just bad luck. You hit a pothole, your eyes get itchy, or the wind whisks your glasses off your face… No doubt, these things happen rarely to those who engage in proper preparation. However, if something similar happens to you, you should know how to deal with the situation. 

So, if your motorcycle eyewear falls off and the sun prevents you from seeing clearly as you ride your bike, you’re considered temporarily visually impaired. If this happens while you’re out riding, letting off the throttle is recommended. Avoid slamming on your brakes. 

If you can, try adjusting your eyewear with one free hand. This can be challenging, especially if you’re wearing a helmet and gloves. If you’re unable to adjust your eyewear as needed with one hand, pulling over in a safe spot is your best option. Because if you continue with your ride without even properly seeing the road, you will risk finding yourself in a motorcycle accident.        

Motorcycle Glasses: Alternatives

Are you on the prowl for some worthy alternatives to motorcycle glasses? Fortunately, there are a few decent alternative options on offer that may be right up your street. First, you can purchase prescription goggles. They are available in both tinted and clear forms. Feel free to discuss the best possible choice for your unique situation with your healthcare provider as soon as you can and lay your hands on your personal motorcycle gear must-haves. 

Also, you can buy a full-face motorcycle helmet with interchangeable visors as a fine alternative to motorcycle glasses. Actually, getting yourself a helmet and enjoying the possibility to change the visors is really awesome. Just like motorcycle goggles, interchangeable visors come in both clear and tinted variations, which means you get to enjoy the bliss of customization and absolute freedom of choice.

Cutting to the Chase: Make the Right Choice

If you manage to choose the best model of motorcycle eyewear for you, you’re going to achieve maximum comfort and safety on the road. Remember that the right fit, high-quality lenses that excel in blocking UV rays, and protective frame design are the ultimate criteria you should focus on when making your choice. 

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