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Three Reasons Toronto Motorcyclists Love Uber

Good news for motorcyclists in Toronto. Uber recently announced provincial court rulings in favour of ridesharing in Toronto.

Earlier today, an Ontario court ruled in favour of ridesharing in Toronto and dismissed the City’s case to shut down Uber.

This decision means that you can continue to access safe, reliable, and affordable rides through the Uber platform. We also hope that this decision helps further pave the way for ridesharing regulations, and we’re excited to continue our work with Mayor Tory and Toronto City Council.

We are incredibly grateful for the support riders and drivers have shown us in recent weeks – thank you Toronto! We will keep you informed on our progress at City Hall over the coming months and you can continue to make your voice heard on social media using the hashtag #TO4Uber.

– Team Uber Canada

As motorcyclists in Toronto, we couldn’t be more thrilled Uber is here to stay. Why?

  1. It saves us money. Some of us don’t own cars, and it snows far too much in Canada for us to ride year round, taking a few Ubers here and there saves us money, while keeping us off the inefficient, pervert-filled, public transit system.
  2. Taxi drivers terrify us. They’re some of the most selfish, least respectful, least responsible drivers on the road, and some of the biggest threats to motorcyclists. The less of them I see, the safer I feel while riding my motorcycle.
  3. Your first ride is free! What? Seriously? Yes. Seriously. Listen up, this is my affiliate link. It’s a special promotion. If you sign up for Uber using that link, your first ride is free (for up to $20). You don’t pay, I don’t pay, Uber gives us both $20 in credit for a drive. Sign up. Try the service once. If you don’t like, no big loss, it was free. If you do like it, you’re welcome, it was free!

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One comment

  1. I couldn’t agree MORE!

    The taxi industry is an establishment whose time has come……AND GONE! Get over it you U-turn pulling, cigarette smoking, country and western playing, dice and crucifix-dangling, Indy driver wanna-be’s. All of you get together, tell John Tory you’ll accept the current price of a city of Toronto taxi medallion….(is there such a thing? and what would it cost, about $5K?)…..as your lump-sum payout. Sell your piece of junk you call a car, go buy a real vehicle and get a job! Maybe even working the Uber gig.

    If you like “investing”, which is why you claim you bought your medallion in the first place, buy some shares of IBM, Google, HP, Bell Canada, Agrium, PetroCanada, anything your little old heart desires. Stick some cash in a high interest savings account for ultimate safety. Put your life in the hands of the “open market” like the rest of us do.

    Then, when your fortunes rise and fall, with the vagaries of commodity prices, world politics and wheeler-dealer whims in far away places…just like they do for the REST of us……you’ll see who bails US out when things change and our investments diminish……..NOBODY!

    Suck it up and join the world, guys!

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