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Top 5 Epic International Motorcycle Routes

Top 5 Epic International Motorcycle Routes

Everyone who revs up their engine and hits the tarmac on their bike knows a feeling that only a biker can explain. Shuttling through a chicane, feeling the G-force through the turn. Stretching out the engine on a long straight, swooping through a wide-arch at speed while the exhaust screams behind you. Bikers live to ride, while most of the general populace prefers their four-wheel cars, we love the thrill two-wheels and horsepower has in store for us.

Every rider dreams of exotic locations for a run. If you have time and money to spare in 2018 and want to take the bike vacation of a lifetime, plan to ride a few of these top five international routes.

#1 North Carolina USA – Tail of the Dragon

A must-visit destination for any serious bike rider that enjoys technical riding at its finest. The Dragons tail is the name given to the stretch of road that runs along the border of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This infamous route is legendary among bikers the world over and features a mind-bending 318 curves in just over 11 miles of riding.

#2 Maui, Hawaii – Hana Highway

The Northern side of this Hawaiian island offers some of the most beautiful and technical riding in the world. Maui is a wild and rough island that features spectacular scenery, lush plants and plenty of wildlife, so be careful on high-speed runs and watch out for animals. Take a trip starting at the Kipahulu Forest Reserve, running through nearly 600 turns on the way to Kahului.

#3 Australia – The Great Ocean Road

An 18-mile road found in Southern Australia offers some of the most picturesque riding in the world. This route is more of a war-time memorial than a bike-run, however; it’s great to take a slow ride and check out the beauty of the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Stop at some of the local towns along the way and enjoy a meal in a traditional pub or holiday restaurant while you watch the waves break on the beach.

#4 Abu Dhabi – The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road

Take a tour of the largest adult playground in the world; Dubai. This mega city situated in the middle of a desert offers a city experience like no other in the world. Luxury accommodation and good shopping during the heat of the day. Amazing outrides into the desert and around the city streets in the afternoon. Dubai has a 7.3-mile racetrack quality asphalt stretch that includes almost sixty treacherous corners winding through a 4,000-foot altitude rise. Test your technical skill to its maximum on this fast-paced ride.

#5 Chile – Los Caracoles Pass

This pass has slow-moving traffic winding through most of it. This fact led to the route being dubbed ‘The snails pass’ due to the slow speeds attained at the beginning and end of the ride. However, the slow pace allows you to take in the beautiful scenery. When the traffic finally eases, and the roads open up, it becomes one of the most enjoyable rides in the world. The highlight would have to be the spine-chilling barrel from 10,500 feet that lurches through hairpins and sinks into a dip on a very tight stretch of road with no safety guardrails. It’s crazy in the style only real South American roads can be.

 The Final Thought

While you are planning your bike vacation, take some time to prepare for all situations that may arise. Be aware of the law in the country that you are traveling in and make sure that you have a solid understanding of the international rules and regulations of the road. Learn when you should hire a car accident attorney and make sure that you keep all of your important documentation on your person at all times. Alert your Medicare company and tell them you will be traveling. Last but not least, don’t forget the travel insurance!

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