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Motorcycle towing in Toronto

Toronto Motorcycle Towing $50 – Towing Tuesdays!

Our folding motorcycle trailer build is complete! If you’ve been following our Towing Tuesdays column for the past two weeks you’ve seen the tweaks we’ve made. On it’s own the Harbor Freight folding trailer is good enough and gets the job done, but our little hacks like these ones make it more efficient, and these tweaks make it better for motorcycle-specific duties.

That being said, the trailer is done and towing motorcycles in Toronto a few times a week. If anyone’s looking for a motorcycle tow in Toronto, or just wants to see the finished products, check out the pics.

Motorcycle towing in Toronto

Motorcycle towing in Toronto

Satisfied with my first tow across the city:

Motorcycle Tow in Toronto

Need a motorcycle tow in Toronto? Click here to reach out. Price for a trailer tow starts at $50, but if you want a motorcycle tow on my dolly for $50 you can get that for short hauls. I’m told the competition typically charges nearly twice as much as their starting rate, and the cost goes up with every kilometer. Give us a shout for a quote, just let us know your pick up and drop off.

Harbor Freight Folding Trailer *TOWING TUESDAYS!*

Towing Tuesdays! is a weekly column for anyone who’s ever even thought about getting their motorcycle from Point A to Point B without riding it. Whether you’re taking it to the shop downtown, or hauling ass outta town, this weekly column is guaranteed to put tongues to balls. Trailer tongues. Hitch balls. Come back next week for even more bad trailer puns.

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Update: A lot’s changed since this article was written. My new motorcycle towing rig is amazing. Check out A Day In My Life: Motorcycle Towing Toronto to see how things look now.

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  1. I have my bike to ride it, not tow it. When I think of a motorcycle trailer, I think of the one I tow with my bike so I can bring my camping gear along.

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