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The Ultimate Guide to Solving Fogging Problem of Your Motorcycle Helmet Visor

The Ultimate Guide to Stopping Helmet Visor Fogging

Fog on your motorcycle helmet visor is not only annoying but can be a serious safety risk. A foggy helmet visor stops riders from seeing clearly, and slows down reaction time. Luckily, there are many anti-fog solutions, and they come in four main varieties. Depending on their formulas, anti-fog solutions offer either a temporary or permanent fix. In this Ultimate Guide to Stopping Helmet Visor Fogging, we’re going to explore the four different types of anti-fog solutions.

Option 1: WeePro Anti-fog Visor Insert

WeePro Anti-fog Visor Insert

This is a permanent anti-fog solution for helmet visors. It shares a range of properties as the Pinlock visor insert, except that they don’t need a proprietary pin system at all. The main advantage about this is that the WeePro visor insert can fit nearly all motorcycle helmet visors, regardless of manufacturer or whether or not your visor uses a pin system. You can find all details here in the video.

When we compare it to the Pinlock anti-fog visor insert, it is cost effective and easy to install. Because of it’s ease of installation, low cost, universal application, and long lifespan, it’s arguably the best anti-fog solution.

Helmet with WeePro Anti-fog Visor Insert

Helmet with WeePro Anti-fog Visor Insert

WeePro is a thin, flexible plastic that you can fit on a motorcycle helmet visor. It is similar to the Pinlock except that they do not have sections for inserting the pin at the ends. This means you don’t need to have a pinlock compatible helmet to reap the benefits.

WeePro Anti-Fog Visor Insert Installation 1

Design and Structure of WeePro Anti-fog Visor Insert

WeePro Anti-Fog Visor Insert Installed

The design of WeePro anti-fog visor insert is such that it perfectly fits on the motorcycle helmet visor.

WeePro Anti-Fog Visor Insert Installed 2

It is a made from a thin anti-fog film, which is a soft plastic with permanent anti-fog ingredients. The film maintains its anti-fog property in extreme weather conditions (cold and hot weather conditions). Furthermore, it has high tensile and elongation strength with superior UV resistant properties. The film is also scratch resistant, and thus can withstand being washed several times.

The WeePro anti-fog visor insert has a circled back adhesive which bonds on the helmet visor. After the installation process, your motorcycle visor will have two layers, with an airtight space between the helmet visor and WeePro visor insert.

Installing WeePro Anti-fog Visor Insert

WeePro Anti-Fog Visor Installation

Below is a step-by-step process on how to install WeePro anti-fog visor insert:

  • Clean both your hands and the working table.
  • Carefully open the packaging of WeePro anti-fog visor insert where you will find instructions, a piece of soft fabric and visor insert. Be sure to read the instructions included (pictured above).
  • Use the soft fabric to clean the motorcycle helmet visor.
  • Now install the positioning mask (with the red tag) on the outer surface of the helmet visor.
  • You can adjust the positioning mask until the cross is in the middle of the helmet visor.
  • While pressing the anti-fog visor insert with your two hands, its middle cross should match that of the positioning mask.
  • As one hand fixes the insert, use the soft fabric to press the visor insert. Carefully press around the insert to ensure a proper sealing.
  • You can now remove the mask with the blue tag and the positioning mask. Done!

The process may seem a bit longer compared to using either an anti-fog spray or installing Pinlock visors, but it’s worth it. You’ll have a permanent, universal and cost effective anti-fog solution.

Working Principle of WeePro Anti-Fog Visor Insert

A lot of science goes into these little things, but here’s the short version:

The airtight insulator between the insert and helmet visor form an effective anti-fog barrier. Thus, it helps maintain a stable temperature, hindering fluctuations responsible for condensation. The anti-fog visor insert is a hydrophilic substrate that lowers surface tension of water. It thus forces water droplets to spread into a thin film, allowing for maximum light transmission.

The WeePro combines both anti-fog coating and pinlock-like technologies to provide a more permanent anti-fogging solution for all visors.

Option 2: You Can Try Anti-Fog Spray (It offers a Temporary Solution)

Let’s get straight to the point: Anti-fog spray offers a temporary solution to the fogging problem on helmet visors. Once you apply the anti-fog spray on the helmet visor, you will need to re-apply it again after 24 to 72 hours. Basically, you will have to treat the helmet visor every time before use.  For those in climates more likely to be affected with foggy visors, or riders who aren’t afraid of playing in the rain, an anti-fog spray is not only an inconvenience, but also a waste of time.

Should you want to want to try an anti-fog spray anyway, below are a few things you should know:

What are the Main Ingredients of Anti-fog Spray?

Quite a number of anti-fog sprays are made of active ingredients that form a temporary bond with the helmet visor. They then form a thin, invisible layer of an anti-fog substrate. Normally, the anti-fog sprays exist in the form of hydrophilic ingredients or surfactants. In both cases, they lower the surface tension of water molecules.

Fog – X Anti-fog Spray

Fog-X Anti-Fog Spray

This results in a very thin film of water instead of small water droplets. The thin film of water allows maximum amount of light to pass through. That means riders can see better.

At the moment, there are many types and brands of anti-fog sprays available in the market such as:

  • Quick Spit Anti-fog Spray
  • BioTech Anti-fog Spray
  • Cressi Anti-fog Spray
  • Fog – X Anti-fog Spray
  • Zooke Anti-fog Spray, just to mention a few.

So, if you’re looking for a temporary fog-free helmet visor, you can buy any of these anti-fog sprays.

How to Apply Anti-Fog Sprays

Applying anti-fog sprays is a simple process:

  • Clean both surfaces of the helmet visor. In most cases the anti-fog spray will come with a suitable cleaning material.
  • Press the spray gun to release the anti-fog solution. Normally, the spray gun will atomize the anti-fog solution into very small equal particles.
  • Spray the entire surface of the helmet visors evenly. The small particles will stick on the surface of the helmet visor, then allow it to dry.

By the end of this process, you will have a thin film of anti-fog ingredients on the surface of the helmet visor. This temporary coating will ensure your helmet visor remains fog free, if only for a few days. After that, if you want to use the helmet visor, you will need to repeat the process.

If you want a simple, albeit very temporary solution, an anti-fog spray can be a perfect choice. People who only ride in wet conditions on rare occasions might find this solution acceptable. If the spray is the right choice for you, you should still insist on buying a high quality anti-fog spray with natural ingredients. It should also be compatible with your helmet visor materials.

On the other hand, if riding a motorcycle is a hobby, passion, or lifestyle, then you should consider the next anti-fog solution.

We’ve got two more anti-fog solutions on page 2. Check out the next page to read more.

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  1. A drop of liquid dish washing soap works well in a pinch. Also for good rain sheeting action the waterproof spray made for leather boots works well. Neither is a permanent fix but works well.
    When I lived in Japan (a motorcyclists heaven) I had access to a multitude of products of the aforementioned type. Once back in the US I found there was no such items. I noticed incidentally when I was spraying my work boots with this waterproofing spray that it smelled the same as the rain sheeting spray I had used in Japan. I tried it on my visor and found that it worked like a champ. I believe the spray may be called “Camp Dry” if I’m not mistaken.

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