Venox Sprocket Upgrade Happy Customer

The KYMCO Venox is a 250cc motorcycle with kick, especially with the Venox sprocket upgrade kit we sell. Stock from factory, the bike makes 28 horsepower. That’s a lot more than most 250cc cruisers. From a size/weight perspective, it looks closer to a 500/600cc cruiser than a 250cc. It’s a great beginner motorcycle for riders looking for a 250cc that doesn’t make them look like a big boy riding a small pony. Unfortunately, it’s still a 250cc, and speed isn’t as good as it could be.

I’ve personally put over 35,000 km on mine and still find it a hoot for getting around town. The bike is simply too good to get rid of, even ten years later. So what can we do to get the beast running quickly? A sprocket upgrade. Simply put, the sprocket upgrade allows you to change the gearing a bit, for better performance. The gearing on the Venox was always a bit too tall. Adding some teeth on the rear allow for a better use of the machine.

John H. from Australia reached out to us last year about getting the sprocket and other parts for his KYMCO Venox and we shipped them over. John had previously reached out to let us know how much he enjoyed his KYMCO Venox Saddlebags and KYMCO Venox Sprocket Upgrade. He’s now reached out again and continues to enjoy the upgrades he did:

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