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Ventz Motorcycle Rider Cooling

Ventz Review

When out for a ride on a perfect summer’s day, too much heat can actually spoil my enjoyment of the ride. The alternative is to leave the jacket at home, which is a bonehead move I’d rather avoid. Brittany Morrow, aka The Road Rash Queen, is my inspiration to wear my gear and if you don’t know who she is I suggest you have a look.

Now that we all understand the importance of ATGATT, I would like to introduce you to the UK-based company that offers a solution for those of us who’s jacket vents don’t provide enough airflow. Ventz offers a simple solution to cooling issues; a pair of hard plastic/rubber objects you slide into your jacket sleeves at the cuffs, that clip to your jacket to avoid falling out or sliding down.

Ventz Motorcycle Body Temperature Graph

The hard plastic is designed to maintain it’s form and be more crash resistant, and the rubber is there to hold its grip to fabric (or arm hair) and cushion you a bit in the event of a tumble. They aren’t left/right arm-specific so clipping them on is easy, and their concave base follows the contours of your forearm nicely.

Claiming to provide up to 25% more cooling, I found that the vents did work for speeds above 20km/hr, otherwise they had little affect. The concept is simple, and at $25 CDN/USD they are an affordable accessory and would make a great gift for the rider in your life who has to have the latest in two-wheeled gadgets.

However I do have a couple issues with these Ventz, you look cornier than a tortilla chip with them on and they felt a bit awkward, even after a couple hours in the saddle (but I’m sure you’d get used to them after a while). Also, they don’t work with gauntlet-style gloves as they can’t be slipped into your sleeve and if your jacket is baggier in the arms you might find the airflow restricted.

Ventz Motorcycle Rider Cooler

Available in 5 colour options you can select how subtle or outrages you’d like to look, and with their small size they can be tucked away in a jacket pocket or saddlebag incase a cute rider of the opposite sex is pulling up alongside you at a red light. The effective top clip holds well which adds to the user’s confidence, and even when removing the jacket the Ventz can be left attached. In Canada they are distributed though Motovan.

For more information about these unique light-weight airflow-increasers please visit www.ventz-range.com.

We wouldn’t be motorcyclists if we didn’t take something perfectly fine, rip it apart, and make it our own. That’s exactly what we did with our vents. Check out How to Reduce Heat Exhaustion on Motorcycles by Improving Your Ventz.

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