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Bullrun runners behind Volvo FL 512

Volvo FL 512 Truck Bullrun

Last week I briefly mentioned that once upon a time I was much more physically active. I swam in a pool sixteen hours a week an ran on my high school track and field team.

Back then my dream was fast, violent, and dangerous – is it any surprise in a matter of years I would become an avid motorcyclist? The goal was to make it to Pamplona, to run with the bulls. An ultimate test in my eyes. I was nimble and quick, with lungs that never quit and a mind twice as I stubborn. I think I can, I think I can, ergo, I will, I will!

Reality sucks. One day I discovered that bulls run at about 50 mph. To put that into perspective, I would need to be twice as fast as Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man. That was my first discovery. My second discovery was that, on account of their speed, for much of the run the bulls were actually ahead of you charging towards the arena, rather than behind you charging towards your organs. With the eminent threat crushed and the understanding that no amount of training could make a human physically capable of actually running with the bulls in a two thousand year old city, I gave up on my dream…

Bullrun charing bulls

And then I found this video on bikerMetric, and it rekindled an old flame.

A 12 tonne distribution truck doesn’t do much on its own to impress a motorcyclist. They aren’t known for their handling or their acceleration. They aren’t exactly chick magnets or status symbols (outside of the highway-side hotel trucker & workin’ girl circles). Ignoring their critical role in delivering to us the goods we consume, the truck is relatively unappealing, right?

Wrong! Volvo came out with a video of their FL 512 truck living my teenage dream: running with the bulls in Spain.

Bullrun hanging from sign

Volvo came out with coolguy-director Henry Alex Rubin for the short clip. Who? Rubin worked biker movie legend Dennis Hopper in Who is Henry Jaglom and hip hop legend Notorious BIG in Freestyle.

His other word includes Murderball and campaigns for brands like Adidas, Samsung, and AT&T Coca-Cola.

To really add some depth to their roster Volvo also hired stuntman Rob Hunt. He worked in a movie called The Bourne Ultimatum and 007: Skyfall, both of which won him awards for his work. No big deal…

The once-Swede-then-American-now-Chinese Volvo didn’t just pump beaucoup dollarsinto a flashy film, theyalso lowered and lightened the FL 512 compared to the previous generation (2006) model. The FL now runs a four cylinder D5 motor that puts out 240 horsepower. That gives it a power-to-weight ratio even Honda CBR-125R riders can giggle at. That is, if the rider isn’t worried about his or her bike getting picked up and tossed in the back.

Bullrun runner hanging on for life

Any now the moment you’ve been waiting for…

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