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To Those Who Love Motorcycles Deeply

What Do You Love Most About Motorcycles?

What is it about motorcycles that gets your motor running? The look? The sound? The feeling? Which of your senses gets best stimulated by these machines?

“To those who love motorcycles deeply, there is usually one aspect of the machine that broadcasts it’s allure in advance of all others… For me, it is their sound that makes the heart race.”
– Melissa Holbrook Pierson

For me, it’s the feeling of a bike’s vibration beneath me, as the sun shines on my skin, and breeze is all around me, as I ride down a winding country back road at 70 mph.

To Those Who Love Motorcycles Deeply

But it’s not that feeling. It’s the one that comes after, when I survey myself, and survey my surroundings, and I realize that so long as that engine stays running, so long as my feet stay off the ground, I haven’t a concern in the world.

That’s around the time when I realize there’s a huge smile on my face and I have no idea how long it’s been there, and I don’t care to question it. I’m just moving forward, through the wind, under the sun, over the motor… smiling.

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  1. I guess the feeling of speed, even going 50 mph, it feels like a 100 on a motorcycle, you know?

    • I hear ya. Visor up versus visor down even makes a difference, heck, even beanie versus full face can change everything. Anyone who appreciates a convertible car should love a motorcycle.

  2. John Kulchyckyj

    I plan on getting a 2014 Yamaha TMAX 530. In your opinion is this bike good for beginners? I just sold my 2003 Suzuki intruder 800. I heard the new TMAX has quite a bit of torque. What it boils down to is coming off a V-Twin and getting on an inline twin. What do you guys think? John.

  3. The feeling does it for me. As soon as I start that engine it is like opening the fountain of youth and allows my soul to ride free while the pressures of the day get whisked away by the wind.

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