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What to do after a motorcycle road accident

Everybody knows that motorcycle accidents are typically more serious than car accidents – despite the motorcyclist potentially wearing full body protection, the rider is susceptible to the types of impact injuries and skidding injuries that people inside a car may be more protected from (if you have been injured on a motorcycle accident, you may wish to check out ‘a motorcycle accident attorney near me’ for more information).

But just how much more serious are motorcycle accidents in comparison to car crashes? Well, according to one statistic published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to die per mile traveled compared to occupants of motor vehicles. With that in mind, we may turn our thoughts to what to do after a motorcycle crash, because these types of road accidents are something that must be handled properly, and are not likely to be a small issue from wish you will dust yourself off and get on with things.

Check for injuries

The first thing you are probably going to do after a motorcycle crash is wiggle your fingers and toes to check that you haven’t lost functionality in your body. This sounds macabre, but it’s true. Once you have established that you have full motor function throughout your arms and legs, you need to check for other injuries and call the emergency services. Even if you think you are more or less OK, you should always get checked out by medical staff, because you may have suffered internal injuries (also, you may need a valid medical report if you need to later make a claim for personal injury compensation).

Gather evidence

Coming off your motorcycle in a road accident can be disorienting and scary. After you have checked for injuries, take a moment to compose yourself. This is your opportunity to gather evidence of your crash. Namely, you should aim to take photographs of your injuries and of the scene. Try to take close ups of the crash, and also try to stand back and take a few wider angle shots that reveal things like lighting levels and road conditions.

Remember, your crash site will be cleared away so that the road may be reopened. Any evidence that you do not gather at this stage may be lost forever. That is why it is important to regain your composure and collect evidence as soon as possible. The next step is to hand the evidence over to a lawyer…

Speak to a lawyer 

From this point, you have arguably done all that you can do and your lawyer should be able to direct your claim. You can expect your lawyer to have a few questions about your crash before agreeing to take on your case, but this is normal. Things like medical bills and lost earnings may form part of your claim (as well as any repairs to your motorcycle), which is why you should always consider speaking to a lawyer.

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