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Where to Store Your Motorcycle for the Winter in Toronto

Where to Store Your Motorcycle for the Winter in Toronto?

Anyone who’s stored their motorcycle out in the cold for the winter probably wishes they hadn’t. Trust me, I’m still lamenting the rust I got from leaving my 250cc out in the cold in Winter 2010. Ever since then, I’ve always made sure that my bikes had someplace warm and dry to sleep.

It’s not like you can’t store a motorcycle yourself though. Properly storing a motorcycle means, at a minimum, using stabilizer to make sure your gas doesn’t go bad and cause problems downstream, a battery tender to make sure your battery isn’t dead in the spring time, and rolling your bike forward and back to avoid any flat spots. Basically, you need to do these 7 Easy Steps to Winterize Your Motorcycle Yourself.

But if you’d rather have someone take care of winter storage for you, or just don’t have somewhere warm and dry to park it, you should probably figure something out soon.

The good news is that putting your bike in the hands of a professional not only takes away the work from you and saves you time, it also means that a professional is looking at your motorcycle for you too. They might see things you would otherwise miss or wouldn’t know to check. That might just save you some hardship down the road.

This will be my 13th winter as a motorcyclist in Toronto, based on my experiences, here are the only two places that I would recommend for motorcycle winter storage in the city.

1: Motorcycle Towing Toronto

Motorcycle Towing Toronto has been storing motorcycles for three years and offers a new take on motorcycle winter storage designed around making the customer’s life easier. This winter storage package actually comes to you, picks up your bike, winterizes your bike, stores it in a safe, warm, and secured facility, and then delivers it back to you or to a shop of your choice in the spring.

Motorcycle Towing Toronto winter storage with free pick-up and drop-offThat means no more having to travel to and from a dealership in the cold, or having to have a relative or friend drive you around. You just schedule an appointment and they take care of it. They can even service your motorcycle over the winter if there’s anything you need.

October 15 – April 15

$350 – Standard winter storage package with free pick up and drop off for most of the city
Small additional gas fee for those a little further out

Motorcycle Towing Toronto
Winter Storage page

2) Studio Cycle

If you’re in the west end of Toronto, you’re probably already familiar with Studio Cycle. I’ve not only recommended them on several occasions, I used to work there myself years ago. Studio maintains an awesome team of motorcyclists who are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about bikes.

Studio Cycle winter storageIf you’re looking for a traditional winter storage experience, they’re the perfect choice for you.

October 1 – April 15

$399 – Standard winter storage package
$449 – Winter storage + semi-synthetic oil change
$499 – Winter storage + full-synthetic oil change

Studio Cycle
Winter Storage page


Proper winter storage is an important part of caring for your motorcycle if you live in Toronto. If you have a heated garage, you can follow my advice to store your motorcycle yourself. But the good news for the rest of us is, even without a garage, we still have two kick-ass options available to us: The tried-and-true dealership approach, or the new-age comes-right-to-your-door option.

But right now it looks sunny, and it’s still warm out, so I’m going to go out for a quick ride before it’s too late!

Would you prefer a motorcycle winter storage program with free pick-up and drop-off, or do you enjoy the dealership experience?



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