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Why Motorcycle Riders Are Becoming More Involved In Car Accidents

Why Motorcycle Riders Are Becoming More Involved In Car Accidents

As compared to closed vehicles, driving a motorcycle exposes a rider to a higher risk of encountering a road accident. That’s why new riders need to take a basic rider course, and all riders should wear protective gear for greater safety on the road.

Motorcycle riders are now becoming more involved in car accidents, and you’ll find out the reasons why by reading below.

A Car Driver Fails to See You Coming

One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is a car turning left in front of a motorcycle. It is because the car driver fails to see the rider approaching or incorrectly judges the speed, turning in front of the motorcycle at an intersection. This accident is caused by inattention, blind spots, distraction, and even psychology.

Motorcycle accidents also require a Miami accident lawyer or a lawyer from where the accident happened, whether you have sustained minor or major injuries. In that way, you get proper compensation for any damages caused by such an accident. More often than not, a car driver looks for cars and not the presence of motorcycles. That’s why motorcycle riders usually get involved in car accidents.

Here are some tips to avoid this accident:

  • Look for signs or warning signals that could indicate a car may turn in front. For instance, a vehicle in an intersection area waiting to turn or a gap in traffic near a driveway, parking lot, or an intersection.
  • Slow down and be prepared to take evasive action. You need to determine the routes of escape if you need to make such evasive actions.
  • Take into account objects not seen or reached by your vision. Traffic gaps indicate a huge possibility that someone might come through the gaps, even if you cannot see them.
  • Check where the wheels of the car are pointing so you’ll have an initial clue of movement. By doing so, you’ll also become aware of what comes behind you and at your side.
  • Know how to use your motorcycle brakes’ full ability in various road surfaces.

 A Car In Another Lane Changes Into Your Space

Another cause of motorcycle riders getting involved in car accidents is a car taking over the lane of the motorcycle.  Motorcycles, unlike four-wheel drives, easily fit into blind spots. Most drivers are looking for cars, so they are not psychologically programmed to anticipate motorcycles. That’s when accidents happen.

Here are some tips to avoid accidents caused by this occurrence:

  • Be aware of the locations of blind spots. Even if you can see a car driver’s eyes looking in their mirrors, it doesn’t always mean that they’re looking.
  • Be aware of possible situations where lane changes happen, such as slow traffic and one lane moving faster than the other.
  • Always stay safe when riding a motorcycle. Be attentive and check the signs that a car will change lanes, such as wheels turning, turning signals, and the head of the car driver moving or checking the mirrors.

Why Motorcycle Riders Are Becoming More Involved In Car Accidents

 A Car Hits a Motorcycle from Behind

A fender bender happens when a motorcycle rider stops at a sign, intersection, crosswalk, or to avoid an animal or person crossing the road. The car driver behind may not see or anticipate you and plows at high speed.

Here are some tips to avoid a fender bender:

  • Pull in front of the car and wave nicely, so you are cushioned from subsequent impacts.
  • Stop to the side instead of the center of a lane, then rapidly flash the brake light.
  • Keep your motorcycle in gear, and your right hand should be on the throttle.
  • Always pay attention to possible vehicles coming up behind you. Prepare yourself to scoot away if someone is about to plow into you.
  • Be extra attentive if there is bad visibility on the road. Unexpected stops usually happen at busy streets, with bars around, or ducks crossing down the road.

 A Car Door Is Open

The biggest traffic gap is between a fixed-line and a line of parked cars in active traffic. A motorcycle goes scooting through when, all of a sudden, a passenger or driver swings the car door wide open right in front. Avoid this type of car accident encounter by not riding between parked cars and active traffic lanes. It is because passengers tend to open doors, pedestrians step out, and car drivers pull out to see.


Motorcycle and car accidents happen because of different reasons. Most of the time, car drivers don’t anticipate motorcycles or even bicycles coming from behind or any direction. Blind spots and traffic gaps, as well as driving in between parked cars and active traffic lanes may cause motorcycle riders to become involved in car accidents.

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