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Tara Killed in Sons of Anarchy

Why Tara Was Killed in Sons of Anarchy

Tara Knowles was one of the most beloved characters on Sons of Anarchy for many seasons. We fell for Tara Knowles from the very first season just as quickly as Jax did for his old high school love, and for good reason. The good doctor was an über sweetheart, a lifesaver, and on occasion she could be one bad ass chick too. Little by little their marriage, and our own relationship with Tara would begin to slip. Things got progressively worse. By the late half of season six of Sons of Anarchy, one thing became apparent: Tara Knowles Had to Die.

Some people have a hard time understanding that. Likely still in shock, “G” didn’t understand it when I said that to her, but it really was true. Tara Had to Be Killed, and here’s why:

1) Tara was a loose cannon and a threat to the motorcycle club. Jax himself said at the table that if it came down to Tara either making the deal or meeting Mr. Crow, the club would “do what we need to do.”

2) Tara was a threat to, and made an enemy of Gemma. She was a flight risk for many seasons by now. Tara had always been talking and plotting and threatening to take Jax and his children (Thomas and Abel Teller) away from Charming, Gemma  (masterfully played by Katey Sagal), and the club. Let’s not forget Tara did all she could to try to expose Gemma’s role in John Teller’s murder. If you’re going to mess with the matriarch you better be sure of yourself.

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  1. Maybe because she asked dumb questions, you know exactly what I mean too, “Dumb”

  2. Spoiler! I haven’t seen season 6 yet!

  3. Wow, thanks for wrapping up season 6 for those of us who haven’t seen it yet. CENSORED.

    • No problem. From here on, would you prefer we only review motorcycles you’ve already ridden, and products you already own? The world doesn’t spin slower just for you to catch up. Motorcycle group ride rules apply here: pick up the pace or don’t complain when you fall behind.

      • Wow, that’s an analogy that doesn’t work at all. It’s pretty common internet courtesy these days, due to the prevalence of people not watching shows live, but catching up later when they come to Netflix to give spoiler alerts.

        • Feel free to start your own blog where you only discuss events that happened a decade ago so as not to upset anyone. Let me know how it goes!

          • Considering the show didn’t even run a decade long, I’d say you lost ALL credibility here. Pull your idiot head out of your ass and toss the words Spoiler Alert in front of your comments like everyone who isn’t a complete tool would do.

  4. Yeah. If you don’t want to know what happens in the show then avoid the internet all together.

    – Dave at Motorcycle Addiction

  5. Someone needs to go back to grade school and learn sentence structure and grammar.

  6. Maggie Siff
    was the best actor on the show….the black DA has some nice moments

  7. I’m wondering whether in hindsight you stand by your reasoning? It seemed she was killed in order to set Jax on the course to self destruction and realize his destiny. To correct the direction the club was taking and sacrifice himself to turn things around back to his father’s intentions for the club.

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