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Why There Aren’t Pictures of Ripped Men on Motorcycles on YouMotorcycle

Every so often someone asks me on Facebook, Twitter, or via the comments why there aren’t pictures of hunky men on the site. I decided it was time to write a quick before-work post to answer that question.

What? You didn’t think this was my full time job, did you?

Firstly, YouMotorcycle appreciates and encourages women in motorcycling. For the past 6 months we’ve featured an exceptional Woman of the Month, but long before then we’ve always featured incredible female motorcyclists such as Madeline MISSRIDER Velazquez (not once, not twice, but three times) and Kelly Rogers. We’ve also worked closely with women in the performing arts in Toronto. We look up to women in the motorcycle scene. Many of them are quite exceptional, and we’re all in this together.

Secondly, about why you haven’t seen pictures of hunky men on YouMotorcycle:

Issue #1: Availability – The only photographers letting me use their images without charge as of this post are Mondo Lulu and Wobblycat. I’m sure other publications can afford to pay for photographers. We started in a basement apartment with virtually no heating. We don’t pay photographers, nor can we afford to pay a lawyer, so we don’t steal images from elsewhere on the internet without permission to use them.
Solution #1: If you find or take a picture of a scantly clad man on or next to a motorcycle and would like to see it on YouMotorcycle just contact us and send the image in. When we have fitting post for it we’ll use it. We need all of the photography we can get!

Issue #2: Author’s Choice – We’ve poured thousands of hours into 300 posts full of information for motorcyclists. It’s a thankless job. Guest bloggers are generally paid enough to buy one beer per post, sometimes they can stretch their earnings to afford beers, but they’re on their own when it comes time to tip their server. One of the few perks my team gets aside from free motorcycle products to review, is being able to write what they wish, and being able to choose the images that go with their posts.
Solution #2: If you’d like to see scantly clad men in every other post on YouMotorcycle, just join our team and submit your own stories and images! As long as it’s relevant and you have permission to use the pic I’ll go with it!

We’re not saying anyone has to join and contribute to enjoy the site, but if you’d like to see what you believe is a better or more equal website, simply contribute either in the form of photography, or writing, or both!

Let’s work together and make YouMotorcycle better. Join the team! Share some of your motorcycle stories with us, and don’t forget to include your hunky, scantly clad, he-man pictures too! Contact us!

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