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How To Install a Black Widow Motorcycle Lift

How To Install a Black Widow Motorcycle Lift

a.k.a. I got a new motorcycle table lift for the new house and I’m a-little-very-excited, and now here’s a how to install a black widow motorcycle lift video.

I’ve been a little quiet the past couple weeks, and I’m sorry about that. It’s not that I didn’t want to wish you guys the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of New Years, it’s that I was so sick I barely left my bed or the couch! BUT! Right before that happened, I was out in the garage late, filming putting my new table together.


For those who don’t remember: my old motorcycle table lift had custom-made DIY side-extensions. They worked relatively well, and were even fairly sturdy. Not the kind of thing you wanted to stand on all day long, but they sure beat having your motorcycle, or yourself, falling off of a table lift. When it came time for me to move into the new house in the fall, I knew that my buddy Dean wanted my old lift, and I wanted one less thing to move, so I sold it to him. The sale of the old lift more or less broke even, given the little upgrades I had put into what was originally a very basic table lift, and that was good enough for me.

In the background I had also been talking to the folks over at DiscountRamps. I had reviewed some of their smaller stuff over the years, most recently their Black Widow Motorcycle Wheel Chock, which I still use at least weekly. But what I really wanted was a sturdy, proper motorcycle table lift. Something with nice and wide side extensions I could ride up rather than having to push. So I asked DiscountRamps for this – Model BW-1000A-XW, the Black Widow Extra Wide Pneumatic Motorcycle Lift Table – 1,000 lb. Capacity…. and I got shut down (although you can win one for free here).

Luckily I had years of practice being rejected. So, just like I did when Christina turned me down in junior high school, I asked over and over again. It took about ten asks, five months, two reps (one left the company, hopefully not because of me). And then finally they agreed to send me over the motorcycle table lift I wanted! Your loss, Christina, my gain!

Bye Christina

So here were our terms:

  1. They would supply the motorcycle table lift (along with the side extensions and a frame stand) for free. Sweet!
  2. I would simply pay the freight (they delivered it right down my driveway to in front of my garage door, exactly where I wanted it).
  3. I would provide the following:
    1. One installation video + write-up (you’re reading it)
    2. One “best-practices” video + write-up (soon to come) with some tips & tricks on using a table lift

I didn’t promise a review of the lift, a shrewd move on my part: What if I get it and it sucks? That could make a whole awkward morning-after-the-night-before kind of situation. I’m not about to sell my endorsement for a shiny black lift, much less a bad one. But so far it’s been pretty sweet, so I might just do a review video after all.

But for now, without further ado, here’s how to install a Black Widow Motorcycle Lift

Tools and accessories you’ll need:

  • Two adjustable wrenches, but a socket set and a locking hand wrench would be ideal
  • Air compressor (I bought this exact one – 21 gallons)
  • Air hose (this one’s $10)
  • 1/4″ Air hose quick-connect coupler (with extras – $6)
  • The table lift itself (here, and now on sale)

Nice to haves:


  1. Read the manual, there’s actually good info (installation + maintenance) in there and it’s well-written
  2. Don’t drop the motorcycle on your head (it’s in the instructions)
  3. Slide on the removable rear wheel door
  4. Drop the ramp in place
  5. Connect the foot-operated air valve to your existing air line via a 1/4″-compatible quick-connect coupler
  6. Lift the ramp up for ease of work
  7. Install the safety latch handle, drop the safety down, lower the lift onto the safety stopper
  8. Install the front wheel vice and front stopper with the 14m and 17mm bolts provided (longest ones where the table is thickest)
  9. If you don’t have side extensions, stop here and admire your work

If you have the side extensions kit:

  1. Install the support bars and stabilizer bars
  2. Slide the extensions in place (holes go in the outermost back corners)
  3. Drop in the side ramp extensions
  4. Crack open a beer, and feel good about yourself: you’re a better man/woman than you were yesterday

I hope you enjoyed the how to install a Black Widow Motorcycle Lift video. All in all it was super easy, and being able to do it with just a couple basic hand tools was great. You’ll probably want an extra set of hands to get everything out of the boxes on the skid it comes in, but in terms of assembling it, as you can see in the video, installation was super easy.

COMMENTS: Would you consider buying a motorcycle table lift? Why or why not? Let me know!

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  1. So, how much do you charge to service a SuperGlide Sport and when can I book mine in? (Assuming to collect and deliver said motorcycle! Don’t forget I live in the UK)!

  2. HaHa! You got a deal, Bro! Dates for the world tour have yet to be announced but as soon as they are, I will let you know!

  3. Where can I find parts for black widow motorcycle lifts, or any any information on them?

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